Digital Papers

Wildflower Digitals offers several different sizes of digital paper packs, including Mini Packs, Plus Packs, and Mega Packs. Digital papers are perfect for covers, backgrounds, journals, planners, workbooks, scrapbooking, card-making, and so much more. 

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The Mini Packs are delightfully smaller packs of 10-20 digital papers each, an amuse-bouche or appetizer, a bite-size introductory way to experiment with a particular theme or color scheme.


The Plus Packs are wonderfully substantial packs of 24-48 digital papers each, a main course entree or banquet, a passport that gives you many options and possibilities for all your projects.


The Mega Packs are amazingly ginormous packs of 50-100 digital papers each, a full course meal, often with varying colors or styles within the same theme, perfect if you want a whole lot of choices.

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